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The New PSAT is coming in October 2015. Are you ready?

Excel Test is.

Click here to view our FAQ for the New 2015 PSAT.

All of our SAT/PSAT courses have been brought up to date with the latest information available to make sure you get the most relevant strategies aimed at the new PSAT, while maintaining the high quality, effective instruction that you’ve come to expect from us. In case you didn’t know, here are five reasons to choose Excel Test:

Excel Test guarantees results.

We believe in the strength of our PSAT courses, and we’re confident enough to offer a 200 Point Score Improvement Guarantee. If any student completes the Excel Test SAT/PSAT course and does not increase their PSAT score by 200 points, they can retake the next available SAT/PSAT course again at no charge. (Specific schedules and options vary by city.)

Excel Test has the best teachers in the industry.

Our courses are known for their high levels of student engagement and efficacy, and this is made possible by our extensively trained and experienced instructors. Unlike other PSAT prep courses, Excel Test SAT/PSAT courses are taught by experts on specific topics and areas of the SAT. This means that every class is taught by an instructor with the appropriate set of skills and knowledge for that topic, ensuring that our courses maintain a consistent level of quality.

Excel SAT Manual CoverExcel Test has outstanding course materials.

Our SAT/PSAT course materials use real SAT exams as their foundation, and we integrate our own unique strategies and tips gained from over 20 years of test preparation to help you do your best on the test. The course manuals we use have gone through a lengthy development process involving many revisions in order to ensure you get a top-notch product. With hundreds of pages filled with sample questions and detailed explanations, our custom-designed manual forms the foundation for the Excel Test SAT/PSAT course.

Excel Test understands the challenges involved in taking the PSAT.

To many students and parents, the PSAT and SAT represent a large unknown. The new changes to the 2015 PSAT further complicate an already challenging test, but Excel Test has the experience and knowledge to help students succeed. We hire experts to analyze every available SAT and PSAT, resulting in an accumulated bank of test analysis and strategies spanning over 20 years that you can access through our SAT/PSAT courses, and we know how to work with students in an engaging, enriching, and educational setting that makes it easy for students to learn.

Excel Test lets you learn how you want to learn.

We offer a variety of course options – classroom, online, custom, and private 1-on-1 – so that you can choose your preferred method. All of our SAT/PSAT courses cover the exact same material, just presented in different ways, so no matter what course you pick, you can be sure that you’re getting the same great content.

If you’re looking for further information, be sure to check out our New 2015 PSAT FAQ.

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