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The Chemical Engineering PE exam prep course is very comprehensive, with over 50 hours of instruction that cover topics such as Economic Analysis, Fluids, Pumps, Heat Transfers and Exchangers, Thermodynamics, Power Plants, and Combustion, Mass and Energy Balance, Mass Transfer, Chemical Thermodynamics, Plant Design, and Kinetics. In the Excel Test Chemical PE course, concepts are reviewed and many problems are worked out in class. This helps students become familiar with solving problems that are similar to what is on the exam. The Excel Test course is different from college courses, which are based for the students and cover theory. Our course is focused on the exam and helping you pass.

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Course Overview

  • An Intensive Program for Comprehensive Preparation for the PE Chemical Engineering Exam
  • Guarantee of Passing
  • Unique and Highly Effective Approach Not Taught Anywhere Else!
  • Highly Experienced, Dynamic Instructors
  • All course materials are included in course fee.
  • Online Course Advantages:
    • Extended Preparation: Watch Classes for Up To Four Months (120 days).
    • Flexible – Watch Classes Multiple Times and Anytime You Want!
    • High Quality – Classes Stream in High Definition Video.
    • Convenient – Watch Classes from Home.
    • Mobile – Watch Classes through your Smartphone or Tablet via the Excel Test Prep App.

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Guarantee of Passing

We guarantee that you will pass the PE Chemical Engineering exam. If you attend every class, do the necessary assignments, and don’t pass the exam, you can repeat the next online course absolutely free. That’s how serious Excel Test Prep is about quality.

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