ACT Private Group Prep Course

Our ACT Private Group Course offers the same personalized instruction and individualized as our Private 1-on-1 Course, but with a small group of students. This option is best for students who want to learn and study with their close friends and enjoy the same benefits as the Private 1-on-1 Course for a lower cost.

Class Format

  • 12 classes that are 3-4 hours each
  • 43 hours total
  • Three 100% REAL ACT Exams for practice
  • Formula for a perfect essay
  • Experienced, dynamic, specialized instructors
  • Unique and highly effective strategies
  • Computerized Grading to analyze weaknesses

This course option covers the exact same material as our Core Classroom option. It also comes with all of the advantages of our regular courses, including our incredible Score Increase Guarantee and 6 months of Exam Club.

Score Increase Guarantee and 36 Scholarship
We are so confident in the quality of this course, that we guarantee a score increase of at least 4 points on the ACT. This guarantee only stands if you attend every class, do all the homework, and excel at the in-class vocabulary quizzes. If you do all this and your score doesn't improve, you can take our next ACT course completely for free!

Exam Club and other extras
For up to six months after the completion of your ACT course, you are entitled to return to Excel Test for weekly, simulated-exam style practice sessions absolutely free. This gives you the option of further preparing for the exam on your own if you feel you need to. We find that the students who score the highest are the ones who take advantage of this completely free program.

Private Instructor Qualifications
Each Excel Test instructor has at least a Bachelor's degree; many have a Master's degree. They regularly retake the ACT to stay fresh on current and consistently score high on the exam. We also rigorously train them to understand and teach our special Excel Test test-taking strategies.
We also carefully choose instructors who are friendly, engaging, and dedicated to helping students. 

How much your course costs will depend on where you decide to meet.

Fremont Main Office:

$2,499 for the first student
$1,249 for each additional student

 Student's Home in the San Francisco Bay Area:

$3,499 for the first student
$1,749 for each additional student

To schedule a ACT Private Group Course, please call us at (510) 490-7000 and request our Private Course Coordinator. You can also contact us online for more information.

1 (800) 913-7737