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* Please note that the Excel Test Prep SAT Course and the Excel Test Prep PSAT Course are the same preparation class. All of the test strategies, course materials, and practice activities that are a part of this course will prepare students for the PSAT as well as the SAT.

Why Choose an Excel Test Prep PSAT Preparation Course?

Excel Test Prep understands the challenges involved in taking the PSAT.
We know how challenging and intimidating the PSAT can be. That's why we're here to help! We have over 20 years of course analyses and test strategies to share with our students. We have a wealth of experienced and highly-qualified instructors.

We have a clear understanding of how both test graders and students think, and we can help you defeat the test.

Why is the Excel Test Prep SAT/PSAT course combined?

The PSAT is meant to be a practice run for the SAT. The two tests, therefore, cover the exact same topics and even administer the exact same problem types. The main differences are that the SAT is much longer and scored on a scale of 400-1600, whereas the PSAT is scored from a 320-1520. Most collegebound high school students will eventually take both tests.

Your PSAT scores are not sent to any colleges, but if you are able to score within the top 5% you will qualify to enter the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) scholarship programs. 

The Excel Test Prep course covers all the topics covered on the PSAT and the SAT Test. It also includes Three Full-length Official College Board SAT Practice Exams and over 1200 pages of course material. Any student who takes our course will be prepared for both the SAT and the PSAT! 

English Topics

  • Critical Reading
  • Writing Syntax
  • Writing Flow
  • Reading Workshop

Math Topics

  • Geometry
  • Word Problems
  • Advanced Math
  • Math Workshop

Each SAT Course option comes with 6 months of Exam Club free! For more PSAT specialized practice, you can come back to take as many practice PSAT exams as you'd like for up to six months.

Most locations offer our full length course as well as online courses, 1-on-1 tutoring or other options. We can offer custom courses in any location. Find a course available in your area.

How do the classroom, private 1-on-1, and online Excel Test Prep PSAT courses compare?

With Excel Test Prep classroom, private 1-on-1, and online courses, you choose the learning style that works best for you. Each course covers the same material, tailored to the particular format. Additional tutoring is available regardless of which course you choose.

How is the Excel Test Prep PSAT Course different from other courses?

The testimonials tell the story, as do the record breaking scores of our students, year after year. The Excel Test Prep course includes unique and highly effective strategies not taught anywhere else by highly experienced, dynamic instructors.

Excel Test Prep has the best teachers in the industry.

The Excel Test Prep PSAT prep course has helped thousands of students get into the universities of their choice. Our instructors are highly skilled and experienced at creating a stimulating and interesting learning environment. The instructors at Excel Test Prep are experienced, engaging, and extensively trained in the art of PSAT preparation. Unlike our competitors, our Excel Test Prep PSAT course instructors have thorough knowledge in specific areas and bring that expertise to the Excel Test Prep PSAT courses.

How much do I have to prepare before taking the PSAT course?

We advise students looking to take the SAT / PSAT for college admissions to start a prep course after completing Geometry in high school. However, if you are looking to take the test to apply for a scholarship (such as the Johns Hopkins Talented Youth Program) you would need to start earlier.

We teach and review concepts from the ground up, so early starters should have no trouble in our courses. For more information on this please visit the Excel Test Prep PSAT FAQ section.

How Do I Register For an Excel Test Prep PSAT Prep Course

There are a few options to register for a course. You can register online for an Excel Test Prep course or you can call our office and register over the phone.

Does Excel Test Prep offer group registration discounts?

Excel Test Prep offers group discounts ranging from $25 to $200 off the value of your course for groups. To get a group discount, all members must enroll in the same course. For more information on group discounts please view specific course information in your area.

What course materials will I receive in the PSAT course?

Each course comes with three full-length official College Board SAT practice exams, computerized feedback, and over 1200 pages of original course materials. Through extensive research and many revisions, we also developed our own original materials, packaged into Excel Test Prep's SAT/PSAT Course Manual. Every section of this is based on information gained from the actual tests. There will be no surprises for Excel Test students on test day.

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