SAT/PSAT Intensive Courses


Over the years, we have found that our SAT students are some of our most voracious learners. To keep up with these highly dedicated students, we have developed two more intensive versions of the Excel Test Core Classroom course: the Core+ Winter Intensive (CWI) and the Core+ Summer Intensive (CSI).

These two intensive options differ from our Core Classroom course in a number of ways. If you are dedicated to acing the SAT/PSAT exam and want alot more practice, drills, and review in a highly structured environment, we recommend either of these options for you!

Core+ Summer Intensive (CSI)

Core Classroom Course plus more
This is the Core Classroom Course plus many more hours of exams, reviews and drills! The students receive:

  • Loads of lecture and practice through drills and practice sets.
  • Systematic focus on the individual components of the SAT exam.
  • Regular exam practice with in-class review and detailed analysis follow-up
  • In-depth review of strategies and patterns for higher level practice types.

The Core+ Summer Intensive course consists of 2.5 times the number of teaching hours and 3 times the number of practice exams than in the Excel Test Core Classroom Course.

300 POINT Score Increase Guarantee  

We guarantee that the Excel Test Core+ Summer Intensive will raise your score by at least 300 points between the SAT exam that you take prior to the course or, if you have never taken the actual exam, then the exam you take on the first day of the course and the exam that you take right after your course ends . That is the highest score increase guarantee in the industry!

6-Week Course

Since the Excel Test Core+ Summer Intensive course runs a full 6 weeks, it is only offered during the summer. This course is recommended for those students who can commit to the rigorous practice schedule for the full duration of the course.

Please note that there are NO CLASSES during the week of July 4th.

FREE unlimited individual tutoring during the course

For all students enrolled in the Excel Test Core+ Summer Intensive Course, individual tutoring is available absolutely free through the duration of the course as needed (except for during the July 4th week). Excel Test offers tutoring sessions 7 days a week 10 am to 9 pm subject to the availability of tutors. All tutoring is done in 1-hour increments at the Excel Test Main Office in Fremont. The free tutoring sessions must be scheduled for a date that occurs between the start and end date of the course; sessions scheduled outside of those dates will be charged the normal tutoring charges. No tutoring sessions will be available during weeks that are off for the corresponding classroom course.

Our priority is to make sure that all of our students get access to the many resources that Excel Test has to offer and that, more importantly, each and every one of our students has the opportunity to ace this exam, no matter where their starting point is.

Make Up Policy (Core+ Summer Intensive Only)

Due to the intensive nature of this course, there are no makeups available for any of the course sessions. If you wish to review any portion of the course, whether or not you missed the session, you may schedule a 1-on-1 tutoring session by calling the Excel Test Main Office. Regular tutoring fees will apply, depending on for when the tutoring is booked. Excel Test offers tutoring sessions 7 days a week 10 AM to 9 PM subject to availability of tutors.


Core+ Winter Intensive (WCI)
The Core+ Winter Intensive Course allows for a more intensive version of the Excel Test Core Classroom Course during the winter holidays.

  • 8 hours a day for 8 days; one 4-hour practice exam and one 4-hour lecture class each day.
  • Extensive practice on SAT practice exams
  • Conveniently scheduled to fit during the winter break holidays.
  • 300 point Score Increase Guarantee

Almost triple the practice exams in half the time
The Excel Test Core+ Winter Intensive is a great option for students who want a more rigorous option than our Core Classroom course provides during the winter break. After only 8 days, Core+ Winter Intensive students get almost triple the practice in terms of exams and drills!


Exam Club and other extras
Sign up for this course and receive 6 months of free, unlimited practice exams and 6 FREE Group Tutorials sessions.

Perfect 1600 Scholarship 
We offer $1,000 scholarships to any Excel student that gets a perfect score on the official SAT after taking our SAT course.

Group Discounts:
We offer generous discounts for students who sign up for the SIT in a group. Everyone in your group must register 7 days before the course.

Groups of 3-4: $50 off per student
Groups of 5-9: $100 off per student
Groups of 10+: $200 off per student

Referral Discounts:
Refer your friends to Excel and you will get a $25 check from us! Your friend will also get $25 off their registration. Siblings of past students will get $50 off their registration. 

Repeat Student Discount:
If you have already taken an SAT or ACT course with us, any course you take after is eligible for a $50 discount. 

To take our SAT/PSAT courseregister online right now or call us at (800) 913-7737.

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