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Claudia L.

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Mike (Parent), Houston, TX

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Sarah & Raheela, Houston, TX

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Nancy (Parent), Houston, TX

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Perfect SAT, November 2014
Archbishop Mitty High School

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SAT score increased by 490 points, August 2015
Monta Vista High School

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Perfect SAT, January 2012
Harker School

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- Samy C.
Perfect SAT, January 2016
Monta Vista High School

"I really liked the teachers because they were really helpful and easy to work with. All of the teacher's that I have had, whether if they were in the course or in extra group review sessions, made the sessions extremely productive and raised my score significantly."

- Elan F.
Perfect SAT, December 2015
Los Gatos High School

"I loved how Excel Test offered so many resources for me to succeed. Every time I came to class or Exam Club, I found that teachers and proctors were friendly, always ready to answer random questions, and efficient in helping me find materials...There's no reason to think you can't [get a perfect score]. I honestly think with the right dedication and motivation, I think it's definitely within reach [of everyone]...I really took advantage of the resources Excel offers such as Exam Club...You will show improvement if you take each test as your real SAT. Because of that you begin to feel good about yourself and your ability, on test day you don't need to worry about the rest."

- Anjini K.
Perfect SAT, January 2015
St Francis High School

"Most of [my senior friends] went to Excel and did really well on the SAT. They said that they really liked the Exam Club. That was a huge selling point...Almost every week I went to Exam Club and took a practice test...I think the rigor of the tests that were given me, they prepared me really well for the actual SAT. The real one was a piece of cake compared to what I did at Excel."

- Kameswari P.
Perfect SAT, November 2015
St Francis High School

"I <3 Excel!!"

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Washington High School

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Piedmont Hills High School

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Milpitas High School

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American High School

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Irvington High School

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- Sarvesh N.
Irvington High School

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- Ashni S.
Amador Valley High School

"Excel has helped me remember old topics and taught me new tricks. The teachers went in depth and made the curriculum more interesting. Thanks for the pizza!"

- Jenna P.
Piedmont Hills High School

"They taught me tricks that I would never found out on my own and it helped me with my time management and score."

- Lily D.
Piedmont Hills High School

"Over the course, my score increased over 400 points. But that's not the reason why I love Excel. The classes were a memorablw experience. Reuniting with friends from school and making new ones, connecting with fun teachers, getting food kept the classes great! I can proudly say I remember SAT Tricks from the first class!"

- Kousheyo K.
MIssion San Jose High School

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- Neville B.
Mission San Jose High School

"I took the class as a sophomore and even though I was behind everybody, the way the teachers teach helped me greatly and I caught up alot. The environment was really comforting and friendly. I recommend this class for everyone."

- Dharshanwarun M.
Monta Vista High School

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Mountain House High School

"I feel that Excel does a simple, yet extremely effective method of helping their students prepare for the SAT. The simple tips and tricks that they present made my life so much easier, and made my preparation so much fun."

- Rajeev M.
Evergreen Valley High School

"Excel is a really good program with great instructors. The teaching is fast-paced but easy to understand. The workbooks and tips help a alot on the actual exam. It's only been 3 weeks and there has been great improvements in my score!"

- Irene N.
Evergreen Valley High School

"Excel used a methodical, simplified approach to tackling the SAT, and they set students up to approach the test as one that required practice more than study.  The weekly full-length tests and raw drilling of problems were the most helpful studying I ever did!"

- Vijay

"Excel is THE best program out there!  I took an SAT course from two other companies prior to taking Excel’s, and there was absolutely no comparison.  I scored a perfect score on the SAT exam only because of Excel Test."

- Rishi

"Excel’s program was excellent. The structure of the program really helps students get a gear on how the SAT works. The best resource, and one of the best aspects about Excel, is the numerous practice exams. The SATs really are about practice, and practicing with the many exams at Excel definitely put me a step ahead of my peers!"

- Arthi

"This was an absolutely wonderful course!"

- Karthik M.
Granada High School

"It was enjoyable, but also enriching!"

- Andrew Z.
Evergreen Valley High School

"The Excel staff not only teaches, but expresses their own opinions on subjects, making the learning experience fun and interpersonal!"

- Emily L.
Lynbrook High School

"Excel Test is excellent! It employs a unique system of teaching, where teachers are experts in the fields they teach. Also, I had a very unique experience at Excel."

- Rithvik A.
Basis Independent Silicon Valley

"Excel prepares you very well. It teaches you all the techniques and rules."

- Anumita N.
Notre Dame High School

"Excel Test was a unique experience. I hope other people join this program as their score will guarantee to grow."

- Milap P.
Wilcox High School

"Fun and engaging."

- Sachi B.
Monta Vista High School

"Awesome class with a focus on learning, along with a unique experience. I feel like it really prepared me for the SAT."

- Siddarth I.
St. Francis High School

"I rate 5 stars. Excel is actually fun and helpful."

- Umesh N.
Dougherty Valley High School

"Excel was very beneficial to me. The math classes were most helpful for me. The instructors were very nice and helped us understand every topic."

- Tanuj V.
Dougherty Valley High School

"Excel uses specific strategies rather than random teaching to improve your SAT score. It's also extremely fun. It makes the monotous talk of studying for the SAT fun."

- Abhijit V.
Dougherty Valley High School

"Excel Test Prep is a good test prep course as it provides direct and personal tutoring to give immediate results to my SAT score."

- Aditya D.
Quarry Lane High School

 "Excel was a very helpful program. I enjoyed taking the classes very much. The teachers were good, the treats are nice, and the people are nice"

William L.
Silver Creek High School

  "Excel was fun. The teachers were exciting and I was able to gain knowledge for my SAT. The Reading tips and tricks they gave helped me improve my score."

Michael T.
Silver Creek High School

"Five star experience! Excel gave me the practice I needed. Also, the food is great."

Neal S.
The Harker School

"Excel Test Prep was the best decision I made for an SAT prep course. There are countless number of resources available to make sure you can get the highest score. I'd recommend this to EVERYONE!"

Kavina D.
Santa Teresa High School

"Excel helped me to refresh the skills I need for the SAT. The classes clarified complex topics and made them easier to understand. I would give it 5 stars."

Tanya N.
Presentation High School

"I really liked Excel because the material was helpful and easy to understand and all the teachers were very knowledgeable!"

Sonali C.
Leland High School

 "Excel Test Prep is determined to help their students through fun but helpful ways. I would definitely recommend Excel for SAT test prep and preparing for college."

Lindsey K.
Ann Sobrato High School

"Excel is an amazing program with amazing classes and instructors. The lessons were extremely helpful and I was able to improve greatly. I am so thankful for the opportunities and guidance this program gave me. I recommend 100%."

- Krupa D.
Santa Teresa High School

"This class helped me do the SAT faster and more accurate! If I do good on my SAT then Thank you!"

Purva K.
Prospect High School

"If you need to study for the SAT, go to Excel. It's the best place to start."

Evergreen Valley High School

"Teachers are great and material is very helpful. It's a great SAT prep course."

Kaushik S.
The Harker School

"Excel provides excellent teachers who explain concepts and tips clearly. I would definitely recommend it to someone looking for an SAT prep course."

Ashwin R.
The Harker School

"I really liked all of the classes and the lessons I learned. Excel has helped me work efficiently and quickly."

Nicholas C.
Bellarmine College Prep

 "Excel Test Prep has amazing teachers and wonderful materials. I would definitely recommend the program to someone else."

Animesh A.
Monta Vista High School

 "Excel Test helped me go faster and more efficiently on my weakest sections and helped me reinforce my best. Nice and helpful teachers."

Ayush P.
The Harker School

"Excel is a great program which helped me gain a better score on the test. The materials are good and the teachers are really helpful. Would rate 5/5."

Sarthak S.
Mountain View High School

"Excel Test Prep keeps you motivated to stick to the program, there are fun instructors, and the techniques are very efficient. Everything has a plan and a solution to whatever the SAT throws at us."

Guna V.
Monta Vista High School

"I am really happy I choose Excel Test Prep as my tool to do well on the new SAT. Their materials are really helpful and I love how they gave us extra questions that were on previous SATs and were really hard. The teachers are informative and helped me through the course. The environment is great and I have made a few new friends."

Kaushik S.
Monta Vista High School

"Excel Test Prep is a fun program and makes studying easier."

Tyler V.
Homestead High School

 "Excel Test Prep goes into great detail on methods that will help increase your score!"

Gourab D.
Silver Creek High School

"Excel Test Prep has been a more helpful experience than I could have ever asked for. The teachers are very friendly and conforting as well as making the learning process fun!"

Muskaan S.

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