AP Courses

Advanced Placement (AP) gives high school students the opportunity to earn college credit and learn advanced concepts. At the end of every course, there is a rigorous AP exam to test the student's ability to hold up under college-level work. Passing AP exams shows college admissions officers that you can handle college-level work and are motivated to learn. So if you're taking AP exams, Excel Test Prep wants to help you maximize your score!

Excel Test Prep is dedicated to giving our students an edge in the increasingly competitive college admissions process. That's why we are offering AP Preview Courses during the summer before the student takes the AP course.

Our AP Preview Courses teach AP-level concepts at the same difficulty level as AP courses. These AP Preview Courses are meant to be taken before the high school AP course and give a valuable first look at AP concepts, course load, and difficulty. When the school year starts, Excel students will be very comfortable with the course material, giving them an edge and an added advantage for the end of the year AP Exams.

Course Details:

  • 24 hours, 8 classes of 3 hours
  • Subjects Offered: AP Calculus (AB or BC), Biology, Chemistry, Physics (1 or 2)
  • Provides a valuable preview and headstart on AP Courses to give you an advantage
  • $1299 regular registration; $1099 early registration (7 days before the course)

Our AP Final Review Courses are designed to help prepare students for the AP Exams near the end of the school year. These courses are the best way to prepare for AP exams. We focus on common problem areas and test-taking strategies specific to the AP exam. We use practice AP Exam problem sets to get students very familiar with the level of difficulty of these exams. These exam problem sets are reviewed in class for a more targeted approach to common problems.

Program Details:

  • 4 classes of 3 hours each: a total of 12 hours
  • Subjects offered:
    • AP Calculus (AB or BC)
    • AP Biology
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP Physics (1, 2, or C)
    • AP US History
    • AP World History
    • AP English Language and Composition
    • AP French Language and Culture
  • Instructors focus on test-taking strategies and working through specific AP problems.
  • Only authentic AP exam material is used! 
  • $549 early registration (7 days before the start of the course); $599 regular registration

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