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Why choose Excel Test for your ISEE Preparation?

Our ISEE Upper Level course is the best way to prepare for the ISEE! Our material is entirely researched and developed by the Excel Test staff and kept up-to-date with the latest ISEE Upper Level exam changes. The course is offered in a classroom setting or through private instruction, so you are sure to find classes that meets your needs.

  Full Length Classroom Course Online Course Private 1-on-1 Course Custom Classroom Course
Format 12 sessions of 3-4 hours each: 36 hours total

2-3 classes a week for 4-5 weeks
6 classes per week for 2 weeks
12 video lectures of 3-4 hours each: 36 hours total

Take classes at your own pace over 120 days.
12 lectures of 3-4 hours each: 36 hours total

YOU pick the schedule and location!
12  lectures of 3-4 hours each: 36 hours total

YOU pick the schedule and location!
How Will I Get Instruction? Learn in a classroom setting with an instructor Learn whenever and wherever through unlimited access to HD online video lessons Learn with a private instructor in your own home. Learn with a private instructor at your school or business location.
Pricing $749: early registration
$799: regular registration

$3,499: Student's Home in the SF Bay Area
$4,999: Student's Home Outside the SF Bay Area

Call for pricing.
Additional Notes Eligible for Group Discounts:
3-4 people: $25 off each
5-9 people: $50 off each
10+ people: $100 off each
Comes with full support and all the course materials that are included with the classroom courses. Can be done in small groups. 50% off for each student after the first student. Requires 20 students

The quality of any course absolutely depends on the material and the instructor involved. Our program combines these components into a top notch product for ISEE preparation.

Highly Qualified, Expert Teachers
All of our instructors are highly qualified and very experienced. Each one has at least a Bachelor's degree and several years of teaching experience. They are rigorously trained in our test-taking strategies and technigues. They are also passionate about educating our students and skilled at creating a fun, dynamic learning environment.

Many other test prep companies use one teacher for one course, requiring teachers with broad but limited knowledge in varius subejcts. We use different teachers for each subject, so we can ensure that each teacher is an expert in his or her field.

Outstanding Course Materials
Most tutoring services and independent tutors offer general tutoring assistance but do not have any proprietary materials related to the ISEE nor do they really focus on strategies for test taking. Excel Test Prep is the only company with our own book, the Excel Test ISEE Upper Level Course Manual. This book is jam-packed with heavily researched strategies, vocabulary lists, math techniques, and other information gleaned directly from ISEE Upper  Level exams. It's also full of practice questions! We keep this manual updated with every recent change to the ISEE.

This course manual forms the backbone for our course. No one knows the ISEE better than Excel Test.

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To sign up for success on the ISEE, you can select your location on the map or call us at (800) 913-7737. You can also check our Course Catalog for a classroom course in your area. For private tutoring, contact our office directly.