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What makes our GRE Classroom Course unique?
No one knows the GRE better than Excel Test does. All of our information is derived from questions and topics from actual tests administered by ETS. Our Excel Test Course Manual is heavily researched and dense with information about the new GRE. Put simply, we have more accurate information on the GRE than you are likely to find anywhere else.
The GRE changed significantly starting on August 1, 2011. Excel Test has studied the ins and outs of the new test and we have updated our strategies. While the test has changed, we remain confident in our strategies. We continue to stand behind our signature score improvement guarantee and we’re as sure as we have ever been that we can equip our students to ace the test.

Plenty of ways to take our course
We offer plenty of different course formats to suit any schedule, as well as discounts to suit anyone's means.
Every course format covers the exact same topics and come with the same materials and guarantees; it's up to you to choose whichever fits your schedule best.

  Full Length Classroom Course Online Course Private 1-on-1 Course Custom Classroom Course
Format 12 sessions of 3-4 hours each: 40 hours total 12 sessions of 3-4 hours each: 40 hours total 40 hours total:
YOU choose the schedule and location
40 hours total:
YOU choose the schedule and location
How Will I Get Instruction? Learn in a classroom setting with an instructor. Learn whenever and wherever through unlimited access to HD online video lessons. Learn with a private instructor at our office or in your home. Learn with an instructor at the location of your choice.
Pricing $899: early registration
$949: regular registration

$2,999: Excel Test Main Office
$3,999: Student's home in the San Francsisco Bay Area
$4,999: Student's home outside the SF Bay Area

Call for pricing.
Discounts Eligible for Group Discounts:
3-4 people: $50 off each
5-9 people: $100 off each
10+ people: $200 off each
Comes with full support and all the course materials that are included with classroom courses. Can be done in small groups. 50% off for each student after the first student.
Read more about our Private Group Course if you're interested!
Requires 10 students.

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Superior materials
Each course comes with The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test, four official GRE practice exams, and computerized feeback and analysis on those practice exams.
Students will also receive our custom-designed book, The Excel Test GRE Manual. This heavily researched and rigorously revised manual contains verbal and quantitative questions from seven actual GRE General Tests, as well as sample analytical writing topics. It also includes information about answering procedures, explanations of correct answers for verbal and quantitative questions, and sample writing responses.

Expert instructors and unique teaching methods
Excel Test’s instructors have years of experience and are required to repeatedly take the same tests for which our students are preparing. We put our teachers through a rigorous selection and training process before they enter our classrooms. Unlike other test prep companies, we use multiple instructors for each class. Rather than having instructors with broad but limited knowledge in many subjects, our intstructors are experts on the subjects they teach.

Score Increase Guarantee
Excel Test guarantees that anyone who takes the Excel Test GRE prep course will improve their score by at least 10 points between day one of the course and the day they take the GRE. If the student does not achieve this improvement, they may attend the next available GRE course at no additional charge.

We offer generous discounts for students who sign up for our SAT/PSAT course as part of a group. You all must sign up at least 7 days before the start of your course.

Groups of 3-4 $25-50 off per student
Groups of 5-9 $50-100 off per student
Groups of 10+ $100-200 off per student

Students who refer their friends or siblings get a referral discount of $25 off both their registrations.

To sign up for success with the GRE, call us at (800) 913-7737 or contact us online.
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