GRE Tutoring

Whether you have taken an Excel Test class or not, private tutoring is an excellent way to prepare for the GRE Exam. We have a clear understanding of how test graders think, and we have almost 10 years of course analyses, test strategies, and learning techniques. We want to share this with students who sign up for Excel Test’s GRE tutoring.

GRE Tutoring can be scheduled 7 days a week in two hour sessions, and is available in four different formats: in person at our main office, in person in your own home, online, and by telephone.

Highly Qualified Instructors
Each of our instructors are highly experienced educators; rigorously trained in our test-taking strategies and skilled at creating a fun, dynamic learning environment. We use different, specialized teachers for each subject, so we can ensure that each teacher is an expert in his or her field.

To arrange for GRE tutoring sessions, contact us online or call us at (800) 913-7737.

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