Exam Club

The best results come to those who practice, practice, practice! That's why many of our perfect scorers cite Exam Club as a key element of their SAT or ACT preparation. After students complete their SAT or ACT course, they can return to Excel Test for up to six months for weekly, simulated-exam practice sessions absolutely free! This program makes Excel Test the most effective course in the country for SAT score improvement.

The Exam Club library includes SAT, PSAT, ACT, SAT Subject Test and AP exams. You are welcome to come by and practice whichever test you choose.

Platinum Exam Club

Prolonged access to Exam Club until the end of high school

Free 12 Group Tutorials after your course is over (for SAT students only)

SAT/PSAT or ACT Tutoring discount:
Main Office: $69/hr
Student's Home: $199/hr

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