SAT/PSAT Online Prep Course


Course Details
Here's a quick look at what the course contains:

  • 8 lecture videos and 3 practice exams
  • High Definition, pre-recorded videos that you can watch over and over
  • Access to videos for 4 months.
  • Free weekly practice sessions for 7 months from the start of the course (Exam Club; available to California Bay Area students only. Click here to read more about Exam Club.)
  • Computerized grading for all tests evaluating your strengths, and free online grading of your essays.

Our SAT/PSAT Online Course is a great alternative for students who live far away from any of our Excel Test locations or have exceptionally busy schedules. It is comparable to our SAT/PSAT Core Classroom Course; they have the same number of instructional hours, identical course materials and the same incredible Score Increase Guarantee.

Video Quality
We film engaging lectures from our expert, highly qualified teachers. The videos are in high definition and are very high quality. Please watch this sample video before you register for the class to make sure your computer has the right specifications. Make sure that you have a sustained high speed internet connection of at least 750 kbps (you can check your internet connection speed here:

Watch a Sample Video

Please Note:The video above is being streamed through YouTube in order to demonstrate sample course content. Our courses stream in high definition video and adapt to your internet connection speed: the faster your connection, the better the video quality. If you experience a low quality video, your internet connection may currently not have sufficient bandwidth. To check your video quality, please watch the ExcelTest sample video within the ExcelTest video player.

200pt Score Increase Guarantee
Take our course and we will guarantee a score increase of at least 200 on the SAT or PSAT.

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Perfect Score Scholarship
We offer $1,000 scholarships to any Excel student that gets a perfect score on the official SAT after taking our SAT course. We just really like perfect scores.

Fees and Discounts

$200 discount if added as a supplement to the PSAT/SAT classroom course

Register today to start right away!
Your access to the lectures begins immediately upon registration. If we receive your registration by 2PM PST and you live in the continental U.S., we will ship the books via ground shipping to your residence so you can start the course right away!

To register for our Online SAT/PSAT course right now, click here or call us at (800) 913-7737.

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