Prep Course Make-up Policies

It is important to make up any absences, since our Score Increase Guarantees, where applicable, are contingent upon you attending each class and doing all of your homework.

Please note: Make-ups are not available for every class or every course. We may not offer your same course in any other location or have an online version of your missed class. Please do your best to choose a course that fits your schedule, especially for courses that are more difficult to make up (such as the EIT/PE Engineering Courses, AP Courses, or the SAT Summer Intensive Training Course).

If make-ups are not available for you, we are happy to give you the course materials for that class. However, that will not count as a make-up, and your Score Increase Guarantee, if applicable, will be nullified.

How to Make up a Missed Class
Where available, we allow 4 free make-ups per course. After that, each make-up costs $50. You may schedule your make-ups through your online Student Portal. To make up an absence in class, you will schedule to attend the same class you missed at a different location and time.

If you cannot make any of these alternate times, or if none are available to you through your Student Portal, call our office at (510) 490-7000 or contact us online. We will give you access to the corresponding online video lecture, if available.


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