PSAT Classroom Prep Course

* Please note that the Excel Test Prep SAT Course and the Excel Test Prep PSAT Course are the same preparation class. All of the test strategies, course materials, and practice activities that are a part of this course will prepare students for the PSAT as well as the SAT.

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The PSAT is offered by most high schools during the sophomore year in preparation for college admission exams. Adequate preparation for the PSAT is critical for achieving a competitive score. By taking the Excel Test Prep PSAT course, you are guaranteed a minimum increase of 30 points on your PSAT score. This is more than any other test preparation company.

Excel Test Prep vs. the Competition

Criteria Excel Test Prep Kaplan Princeton Review
Number of Classes 11 11 12
Score Increase Guarantee 30 points No specific guarantee 20 points
Extra Help Available FREE Yes No Yes
Group Discount Available? Yes No No

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Why Choose A Excel Test Prep PSAT Full-Length Classroom Course?

Excel Test Prep offers a guaranteed score increase. Your score will improve by at least 30 points. between day 1 of the course and the day that the actual PSAT is taken, provided that you attend all classes and complete all of the assigned homework, or your next class is on us. If this score increase is not achieved, you may attend the next available PSAT course at no additional charge.

Excel Test Prep has 30 years of experience, preparation materials, and methods. Years of research have resulted in the most complete, accurate, and comprehensive PSAT preparation program available. All Excel Test Prep PSAT courses come with course materials including the manuals, The Official SAT Study Guide and The Complete Solutions to the College Board's Official SAT Study Guide: For the SAT. These best-sellers give students great experience by providing them with eight new practice SAT tests and the solutions for all of them. This book also gives students access to free online grading. They can even submit their multiple-choice answers to any test online and receive a professional score report with computerized analysis. Learn more about Excel Test Prep PSAT Course Materials .

Excel Test Prep has superior instructors and teaching methods. The Excel Test Prep instructors have years of experience and have repeatedly taken the PSAT tests and achieved exemplary scores as a result. Excel Test Prep puts its teachers through a rigorous selection and training process before they can set foot in a classroom. Ongoing training and development, being experts in their fields, and taking the PSAT tests repeatedly are the secret to their success. If anyone knows results, it's Excel Test Prep. We've been helping students achieve their goals since 2003 and we guarantee customer satisfaction. With 36 instructional hours of information, three full-length practice PSAT tests, our own comprehensive course materials, and the leading instructors in the industry, Excel Test Prep has one of the most effective PSAT preparation courses in the industry.

Class Format

Each Excel Test Prep PSAT Prep Course consists of 10 sessions and classes meet 3 times per week. Each class session is 3 hours each long.

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Group Discounts

The full length course fee varies by location and includes all materials. There are opportunities for additional discounts as well:

  • 3-4 students in a group: $25-50 discount per person*
  • 5-9 students in a group: $50-100 discount per person*
  • 10 or more students in a group: $100-200 discount per person*
  • Students that have a sibling who has previously attended a Excel Test Prep program are eligible for a $50 discount.*
  • * Members of a group must take courses starting within the same week, but not necessarily the same course. The payment of all group members must be received at least 7 days before the first course in that group starts. To receive a group discount, each student must submit all the names of group members individually. Students requesting group discounts are ineligible for our withdrawal policy due to the effects it would have on their group members. Any changes to group membership must be completed 7 days prior to the start of the earliest class in the group.
  • * Group discount enter information on student portal after registration

Make-Up Policy

Make-up options are available if you are going to miss a class. Please check the course in your area for specific information, or call (510) 490-7000 or contact Excel Test Prep online.

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