For All High School Kids
& Their Parents:

Navigating the American college admissions process can be extremely daunting, especially for those who didn’t grow up in this country or don’t remember the process. Excel Test has been serving the community for the past 20+ years by helping kids and their parents better understand the college admissions process.

Through a series of FREE seminars, we hope to help parents and their students better understand the process in getting to college.


The seminar will cover topics such as

  • Whether to take the SAT or ACT or both? What is the importance of each exam?

  • What is the significance of the PSAT? Should you even bother with it?

  • Should you take the SAT Subject Tests? If so, when should you take them and how many do you need?

  • What are the other requirements for college admissions?  When is the right time to start thinking about each of them?

  • What are the main criteria for college admissions?   What does Holistic Admissions even mean?


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