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Why Excel Test Prep FE-CBT Chemical Exam Test Preparation?

Excel Test Prep knows results. We guarantee you will pass the FE-CBT Chemical exam. If you attend every class of the review course and workshops and don’t pass, you can repeat the next review course and workshops absolutely free. Read more about the Excel Test Prep FE-CBT course and guarantee.

Excel Test Prep knows the FE. The Excel Test Prep FE-CBT Chemical Exam Test Prep Course is designed for students who have been out of school for a while. We realize that you may not have practiced many of the topics covered on the exam since college. Our focus is to give you a concise, intensive, and structured review of the important topics needed to pass the exam, and we use our workshop sessions to ensure that you get the practice applying these topics in a problem-solving environment.

Excel Test Prep has the best teachers. The Excel Test Prep FE-CBT Exam Test Prep Course Coordinator has been teaching the FE-CBT Chemical course for over 25 years, and is very well versed with the format of the exam and what it takes to pass it. The Excel Test Prep course is focused only on the exam and helping students pass. Our instructors come from the industry and academia, and are highly qualified in their specialized fields. They have taught FE-CBT Chemical courses for many years at various companies including Central and Southwest Services, Bechtel, Kellogg, Fluor, Sirrine, Lummus, Ericsson, Texas Instruments, Foster Wheeler Energy Corp., Texas Department of Transportation, Virginia Department of Transportation, Utility Engineering, and the City of Austin Electric Utility Department.

Excel Test Prep has outstanding course materials. The FE-CBT Chemical course is very comprehensive, with a total of 90 hours of instruction that is broken down into two parts. The Excel Test Prep course is different from college courses, which are designed for their students and cover theory. The course is focused on the exam and helping you pass. Part I is a review course. The topics covered in Part I are Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Ethics/Professional Practice, Engineering Economics, Computer Science, Statics, Dynamics, Strength of Materials, Materials Science, Fluid Mechanics, Computational Tools, Thermodynamics/Heat Transfer for OD, Chemistry, Heat Transfer for Mechanical and Chemical, Safety/Health/Environmental, Material/Energy Balances, Mass Transfer and Separation, Chemical Reaction and Engineering, Process Design and Economics, and Process Control. Part II is a workshop, which helps students become familiar with solving problems that are similar to what is on the exam.

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