HSPT Classroom Prep Course


Excel Test’s HSPT prep course has been designed it from scratch with the sole purpose of producing a top-notch product that will help our students ace the test. We keep our HSPT program completely up-to-date by adjusting with every new change to the exam.

Course Details

  • 12 classes of 3-4 hours each; 36 hours total
  • Four 100% REAL HSPT in-class exams
  • Effective vocabulary improvement,
  • Experienced, dynamic, specialized instructors
  • Unique and highly effective strategies
  • Computerized Grading to analyze weaknesses

Superior teaching
Our teachers are highly trained and well educated; all have at least a Bachelor's Degree and some have a Master's. We put our teachers through a rigorous selection process and train them thoroughly in all our secret test-taking strategies and techniques.

We only work with the most experienced, dynamic teachers who are skilled at creating a fun learning environment. Our teachers are highly skilled and passionate about educating and helping students achieve success!

Fees and Discounts

We offer generous discounts for students who sign up for our HSPT course as part of a group. You all must sign up at least 7 days before the start of your course.

Groups of 3-4 $25 off per student
Groups of 5-9 $50 off per student
Groups of 10+ $100 off per student

Students who refer their friends get a referral discount of $25 off both their registrations. Siblings of past students get $50 off their registration. Past Excel Test students get $50 off.


To take our HSPT classroom prep course register online right now or call us at (800) 913-7737.

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