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Patrick, Fairview, TX
PE Electrical

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Roxanne, Sugarland, TX
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Sergio, Houston, TX
PE Electrical

"I passed the PE Exam, and I definitely credit the Excel Tests Electrical Power review course with helping me pass. Aside from covering topics I had no experience in (like the NEC), just the classroom discussion was extremely beneficial in getting me to think about the concepts involved for the Power exam. The notes are very good - but the classroom time is even better. I thought the instructors were very good. I've been out of school for 15+ years, and it was good to hit the books again."

Andrew, Lorena, TX
PE Electrical

"I felt well prepared for the morning general session, which I feel put me over the top!"

Jeff, Forest, VA
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Mitesh, Winter Park, FL
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Jesse, Crawford, TX
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"I passed! I attended the EE class in Houston, TX and got an 88 on the exam. Couldn't have done it without you guys!"

Adam, Houston, TX
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"Thanks for the great review. This was my first attempt. The course pushed me to study more; I think that made the difference."

Steve, Tyler, TX
PE Electrical

"The class helped me focus in on areas I was weak at. Thank you for your help."

Ron, Tyler, TX
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"I passed. Excel Tests helped me a lot."

Sheila, San Antonio, TX
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"I passed (Nevada) thanks in large part to your course and your excellent instructors. Now you will have my endorsement. My time and funds were well spent with you."

Frederick, Reno, NV
PE Electrical

"I received notice this week that I PASSED the Exam! I passed the first part (EIT) in 1981, so after almost 30 years later, I finally took on the challenge to obtain my PE, and I was concerned that being away from the books for so long would make this a very difficult challenge for me. This was my first and only attempt at the PE Exam. Again, thanks and I am very grateful to the instructors for helping me along the way."

Duane, Carollton, KY
PE Electrical

"It is with great pleasure to announce that I have passed the PE Exam. The course I took in the spring was very helpful in preparing me for the Exam."

Michael, Katy, TX
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"I was just able to view my results via the TBPE website: PASS (97.00). Thank You for the prep class!!!"

Raúl, Crosby, TX
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Jesus, Houston, TX
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Terry, Farmington, NM
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"I want to thank you very much for all your help and accommodation for achieving my career milestone. The course was excellent and I believe majority of my preparation was in the classroom. Your contributions to Engineering Profession are remarkable."

Gurjeet, Pittsburg, PA
PE Electrical

"It [the course] was well worth the effort, money, and time away from work. Thank you so much for having your courses available and for putting together a great overall review. This is such a great feeling.

Hermin, Coral Gables, FL
PE Electrical

"Your course was very good in preparing me for the exam, and I think that it is well worth it for anyone taking the PE exam in the future."

Jason, Magnolia, TX
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"The theory courses were well structured and concise, in my opinion. Without getting lost in too much theory, they provided enough information to give me the ability to tackle any type of problems."

Codrut, Houston, TX

"I PASSED! I also passed it the first go around. Your classes are the key to the P.E."

Doug, Livingston, TX

"Once again, like the EIT course... Excel Tests prepared me to pass the PE exam on the first attempt. Knowing what to study, and actually studying, is key to passing the exam."

Patrick, Houston, TX

"Overall, the Excel Test class and workshop made all the difference. I studied and worked problems from 2 weeks before the class, up till the Friday test date. I could not have come up to speed in such a short time without Excel Test. The Excel Test class was a good experience and well worth the tuition. Thank you for the effort you and your staff put into the classes."

Andrew, Hewitt, TX

"No more studying for me. I passed!"

Will, Bullard, TX

"I just wanted to thank you and your staff for helping me get through the FE last year and the PE in 2008!! I would have never been able to do it without your help!"

Mark, Houston, TX

"The Excel Tests course was very helpful. I took your courses for both the FE/EIT (April 2005) & PE (October 2007) Exams and passed both tests on the first attempt. Both of the courses were right on the mark regarding material, topics, and gave me the knowledge to help prepare me for the test."

George, Dallas, TX

"I am happy to inform you that I passed the P.E. exam (Electrical/Power). Your class was well structured and the timing with respect to the exam was perfect. In my case, the Excel Tests class focused my studying, and the instructors concentrated on only subjects relevant to the exam. I include Excel Tests in the list of credits that enabled me to pass the P.E. exam on the first attempt."

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Greg, Austin, TX

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John, Houston, TX

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Luis, Houston, TX

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Robert, Sugar Land, TX

"There are so may things you can study but taking the course made me focus on things that I might be test on."

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Ricardo, Austin, TX

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Adam, League City, TX

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Dunstan, Sugar Land, TX

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Mahmound, Brownsville, TX

"I am glad I took the course. There is too much information to study on your own and your course narrowed the material enough to feel somewhat confident when I took the test."

Shawn, Houston, TX

"I now know your course gave me the competitive edge when I really needed it. The investment to ensure "job security", advancement and more personal time (not having to study) was well worth it!"

Tim, Olathe, KS

"I thought the course was extremely helpful. It allowed me to focus on what was likely to be on the exam and make efficient use of my time preparing."

Casey, Houston, TX

"Excel Tests helped me accomplish an excellent review of many areas outside my specific discipline. I can easily say that Excel Test's preparation helped me identify and answer at least a dozen questions that would have probably been 50/50 guesses before the course. The time spent with Excel Tests was worth every penny!"

Bryan, Tucson, AZ

"I think that with out your course I would not be able to make it."

Linda, Houston, TX

"Your seminar and accompanying workshops were simply terrific, and the material presented greatly reduced the amount of mental preparation and problem work typically involved in studying for this most difficult of all examinations. Studying with references and PE exam preparation books alone for this exam is much like trying to find your way through unfamiliar territory with out a map. Excel Tests taught me how to pass the exam based upon proven test-taking techniques and by using a simple, intuitive approach focusing on NCEES test specifications and typical problems. I truly believe that if any degreed engineer enrolls in the Excel Tests PE Preparation seminar (In his/her own respective engineering course discipline), actively participates in all of the workshops, and really puts forth an earnest effort in working and understanding core problems, can and will pass this exam."

Benny, Dallas, TX

"I wanted to let you know that I took the PE exam (Electrical) for the first time in April and passed...By far the best reference was the class notes. I referred to it 90% of the time...I think the course material was right on track. The organized course material and your time/test management techniques helped me to efficiently work through the exam."

David, Charleston, SC

"I have passed the October 2004 PE exam for Electrical and Computer Engineering - Power Depth. As with the FE exam in April 2004, I believe Excel Tests made the difference between success and failure on the exam. The likelihood is I would not have passed both exams on the first try without the high quality of instruction received through Excel Tests."

Louis, Austin, TX

"I also want to appreciate all of your efforts to make the whole review process so practical and the material which you provided was concentrated in the exam. I believe I cannot pass without taking Excel Tests."

Michelle, Houston, TX

"The course was awesome! I could not have passed with out it."

Ernest, San Antonio, TX

"I took the PE exam in Electrical Engineering-Power (Depth)...I graduated from college in 1971 in Electrical Engineering (Power). I guarantee that I would not have passed that exam without your classes. Thanks for getting me thru that test."

Vic, Houston, TX

"I could not have done without it. I only studied the material handed out at the course 5 weeks prior to the exam and passed on the first take. Three folks from work took the PE (EE) review and all three passed."

David, Austin, TX

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