“I wanted to let you know that I have received the letter saying that I passed the exam in October (first attempt) and am now a PE. The class did a very good job preparing me, and I even felt somewhat over prepared, which helped to boost my confidence during the exam.”

Richard, Houston, TX
PE Mechanical

“Thanks to all your staff and instructors for helping me with this accomplishment. Your instructors and material are definitely the reason I passed the first time.”

Chris, San Antonio, TX
PE Mechanical

“I passed my exam!!! YOUR COURSE WORKS!!!!”

Jeremy, Bay Minette, AL
PE Mechanical

“I passed the PE exam!! Three of my coworkers that attended your class passed as well.”

Bruce, Katy, TX
PE Mechanical

“Thank you very much for the course, well worth the money in my opinion, and also thanks for the moral support.”

Julian, Cypress, TX
PE Mechanical

“I passed!!! Thanks Excel Tests!!!! Could NOT have done it without the Excel Tests review course.”

Christopher, Humble, TX
PE Mechanical

“The Excel Tests course was very beneficial in helping me pass on my first attempt this fall. I give thanks to you and all your staff who helped make the prep course successful in preparing me for the exam.”

Michael, Houston, TX
PE Mechanical

“I passed the test. Thanks for all of your help. I took the EIT 37 years ago. My degree is in Civil Engineering and took the test with Mechanical Engineering and HVAC specialty. All of these facts are an amazing testimonial to how good you guys prepared us. I am indebted to all of you.”

Jerry, Houston, TX
PE Mechanical

“I am pleased to report that I passed the mechanical PE exam in the HVAC depth with a score of 97. I can't thank you enough for the thorough and direct review of the material, help with exam pointers, and the confidence to not be worrying to death for the past 10 weeks waiting for my score.”

Kristofer, Austin, TX
PE Mechanical

“Thank you very much for your classes. The teachers were fantastic.”

Sameer, Houston, TX
PE Mechanical

“The electrical class this past Spring was right on target when it came to answering the questions … Once again I would like to say thank you and I feel like I owe you guys everything for helping me pass. I have and will always spread the word about your wonderful organization.”

Fernando, San Francisco, CA
PE Mechanical

“Looking back, the Excel Tests course was definitely very helpful in me scoring a 96. The material and the concepts were familiar to me, but the direction to focus on key aspects of the test was what I benefitted the most from.”

Raman, Houston, TX
PE Mechanical

“Thank you for the class. It was what I needed. … I would highly recommend your courses to anyone desiring to obtain their PE. Thank You!”

Brent, Bedford, IN
PE Mechanical

“Deciding to take the Excel Tests structured class was so helpful. I had the A-ha moment during class and suddenly the self-study topics I covered made sense. I also wasn't able to self-study as many topics as were covered by Excel Tests. Excel Tests gave me the tools to answer questions not in my depth portion, and I know they helped me pass the morning breadth portion.”

Kevin, Mesa, AZ
PE Mechanical

“I received my test results for the Principles and Practice Exam and passed with a 91. I took the HVAC depth. The Excel Tests course was vital in narrowing the scope of the material that I needed to cover to properly prepare for the exam. The foundation laid for the general morning portion was very solid. … I am deeply appreciative of the level of preparation that I received through this course. I will highly recommend Excel Tests to anyone I know that will be taking the Principles and Practices exam.”

Cameron, Tyler, TX
PE Mechanical

“I would like to thank Excel Tests, for doing a great job preparing me for the PE exam.”

James, Kemah, TX
PE Mechanical

“I am pleased to report I passed the PE exam. Thanks to the entire staff!!”

Paula, Brooks City, TX
PE Mechanical

“Thanks for helping me pass.”

Parker, Houston, TX
PE Mechanical

"Thanks to you and all the staff of Excel Tests. I was struggling with my test preparation strategy, thinking of many different ways to approach it. It was a good decision to let Excel Tests direct my focus.”

Robert, Spring, TX
PE Mechanical

“I thought all instructors were very knowledgeable and had a good understanding of the relevant material needed for the exam. Since it had been 28 years since college and EIT exam, I wanted your course to truly be a review course … It was your course and instructors that allowed me to really focus in on material that was important for the exam.”

Bobby, Dothan, AL
PE Mechanical

“I could not have passed without the prep course and a good bit of luck! My prep for the test consisted of showing up to your course and paying good attention. … I will definitely recommend the course. The material was very relevant to the exam.”

Scott, San Antonio, TX
PE Mechanical

“I passed. I owe it all to Excel Tests.”

Jason, Flint, TX
PE Mechanical

“The classes are extremely helpful for providing foundation and it helps a lot in understanding of fundamentals. Thank you to entire Excel Tests team who helped me to achieve this milestone.”

Jigar, Houston, TX
PE Mechanical

“Thanks for the course. Otherwise I would not have studied as well or been as prepared.”

Jennifer, Austin, TX
PE Mechanical

“After 3+ months of studying on my own I really think Excel Tests is what pushed me over that passing mark. Keep up the good work and I will recommend Excel Tests to any up and coming PE candidates.”

Charles, Temple, TX
PE Mechanical

“I take this opportunity to thank Excel Tests and the course instructors for the outstanding prep course which helped me a lot to pass the exam comfortably.”

Bharath, Houston, TX
PE Mechanical

“I could not have done it without you and your staff. Thank you for all of your knowledge, assistance and encouragement.”

Justin, Montgomery, TX
PE Mechanical

“I passed the PE! I will be the first to admit I would not have passed without your course. Not only did it prepare me for the test in the most professional way, but it forced me to study over 100 hours during the classes. I probably would not have expended that much energy on my own.”

Raymond, Cola, SC
PE Mechanical

“The Excel Tests study program (courses & workshops) was worth every penny of the up-front investment. A student could not spend their time any more efficiently than going through the Excel Tests curriculum. I spent 16 hours (that's a lot of study time) each of the four weekends driving to and from Mobile, AL--so for me to say this IS significant!”

Ryan, Mobile, AL
PE Mechanical

"I thank you and all the PE-Mech instructors at Excel Test for doing a great job; it could be hard without Excel Test help."

Ishfaq, Houston, TX
PE Mechanical

"I PASSED!!! The tips on how to take the test are phenomenal."

Robbie, Denham Springs, LA
PE Mechanical

"Thank you, thank you! I would have been lost in trying to prepare for this exam on my own and I passed it my first try!"

Casey, Caldwell, TX
PE Mechanical

"Thank you for all of the material, advice, and strategies that I received during the March/April 2009 PE Mechanical Review Course/Workshops."

Ric, Houston, TX
PE Mechanical

"I think that the Excel Test course was really useful. I found the problem solving workshops very helpful. They gave us a lot of problem solving practice and built our confidence prior to the exam."

Dnyanesh, Katy, TX
PE Mechanical

"I took the October 2008 Texas PE exam and passed! I appreciate the efforts of you and your staff in preparing me for this exam. I couldn't have done it without you guys!"

Kent, Dallas, TX
PE Mechanical

"I attribute the passing grade to the well focused preparation Excel Test provided."

David, San Antonio, TX
PE Mechanical

"Thanks for the excellent course. I passed the test in mechanical engineering. Thanks for the advice, it worked out very well."

Mark, Austin, TX
PE Mechanical

"I kept hearing your voice, "Units, Units, Units." It carried me through by the skin of my teeth."

Steven, Houston, TX
PE Mechanical

"I Passed the PE Exam!!! The course was very helpful. It gave me the competitive edge to pass."

Morgan, Owensboro, KY
PE Mechanical

"The Excel Test Course was the only reason why I passed the exam. I put in a lot of hours studying outside of the class, but if it weren’t for your course, I wouldn’t have even known where to begin. Thanks for everything and thank goodness it is over!"

Neal, Schulenburg, TX

"I passed the PE exam at first try. Thank you so much for everything that your guys did for me. I only started to study the exam from the beginning date of the course and passed."

Dung, Houston, TX

"The course was excellent. I just studied the course material and did the provided problems several times."

Hunter, San Antonio, TX

"I took the HVAC test in the afternoon and felt that the information I learned through Excel Tests was the main reason for me passing. The instructors did a great job of presenting the information and allowing students to practice the concepts. They were all very willing to answer questions and help after class time, which helped me."

Stephen, Panhandle, TX

"I passed! I don't think there is any way I would have passed without taking the review classes. Thank you for your time and effort."

Eric Hunter

I made a passing grade and took the fluids and thermal depth. The course notes and information were used extensively during the test and were a big help. I believe the Excel Test course was a huge factor in my passing of this test and would recommend this course to anyone taking the PE exam.

Jamie, Houston, TX

I would not have passed the exam without this course. Thanks.

Russ, The Woodlands, TX

Excel Tests was awesome, yall are the reason I passed.

Mike, San Antonio, TX

Thanks very much for the Excel Test service. I attribute much of the success of this past October to the preparation and strategic planning provided by Excel Test.

Shaun, Southaven, MI

Thank you very much for providing a solid course that helped reinforce my foundation of knowledge which helped me successfully pass my PE test.

Michael, The Woodlands, TX

Your way of teaching was awesome. I'm sure as I enjoyed your classes, other students should have also enjoyed it. Your hand outs are also helping me in doing my job efficiently.

Manoj, Houston, TX

"I want to THANK you and your staff for organizing these courses! I passed the PE exam! I took the Chemical Engineering section! I found your courses to be very helpful! I must say that I actually looked forward to coming to them each week! Regardless of whether I had passed or not, I found the courses to be effective in refreshing my understanding of the engineering principles!"

Marisa Pierce

"I PASSED! Seventeen years after graduation - I didn't think I had a prayer. Thank you Excel Test!"

Martha, Monett, MO

"I want to personally thank you for the valuable classes you organized and taught for the Mechanical PE exam. I took your class and am proud to inform you that you helped me make a passing grade this October 2007. I will not only recommend your classes to my co-workers, I will insist that they take them as they get ready for their exams also."

Gene, Cypress, TX

"It was a surprise when the results of my PE exam popped up for the October exam. It was a better surprise to see the word 'PASS'."

Anthony, Sugarland, TX

"I would like to share the good news with you, I passed the PE (Mechanical - Thermo and Fluids) exam in October. Thank you all for helping me get prepared."

Jeff, Papillion, NE

"I wanted to let you know that I passed the PE exam. I would like to thank Excel Tests for your superior guidance and efforts."

Nirmal, Houston, TX

"I appreciate your help and am proud to let you know that I did pass the exam! Thank you for your help!"

Tom, San Antonio, TX

"I passed the Mechanical PE exam. Thanks to you and your staff for such quality preparation."

Sam, Austin, TX

"I passed the Mechanical PE (Thermo/Fluids). If it wasnt for Excel Tests to point me in the right direction I dont think I would have passed the first time."

David, The Woodlands, TX

"Thank the good Lord I passed! I never had HVAC, Vibrations, and Machine Design in college. Your class taught me what I needed to know and I was successful at passing on my first attempt. Thank you very much for all of your help."

Jake, San Antonio, TX

"The course was excellent in preparing me for the exam. Without it, I do not feel that I would have been as prepared and most likely would not have passed the exam."

Duane, Phoenix, AZ

"I want to say thank you for the quality of the class that you put on. If it wasnt for Excel Tests I would not have passed."

Chris, Katy, TX

"This was my 1st attempt at the Mechanical Engineering PE exam with emphasis on Thermodynamics/Fluids. I fortunately passed. I can honestly say that I would have not passed if I did not attend the Excel Tests prep-course. You were absolutely right when you said we will pass if you don't mess up on units!"

Joel, Houston, TX

"I passed on the first attempt, thanks to you and your instructors. No amount of preparation that I did on my own would have generated this result."

Dean, Houston, TX

"I want to Thank You from the bottom of my hearth for your great course."

Luciano, Katy, TX

"It helped hone and focus the main areas of study, and helped with getting you in that 'study mode'."

Josh, Houston, TX

"I PASSED the exam!! I definitely, without any doubt, would not have passed the test without the Excel Tests course. Thank you so much for Excel Tests helping me achieve my goal of becoming a licensed engineer!!"

Jim, Shreveport, LA

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Carter, Humble, TX

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Ana, Bastrop, TX

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Alan, Houston, TX

"I did pass the PE exam - mechanical. I definitely give your review class much of the credit for my passing."

Kerri, Pearland, TX

"I passed the PE [exam]. I really think your class helped me a lot. Without this class, it [would have been] so much harder for me to pass. The notes are really good. I referred to it a lot during the exam."

Li, Houston, TX

"The raise, covered parking, new office (no more cubicle) and two letters after my name make your classes worth every penny."

Christopher, San Antonio, TX

"I would not have been able to pass without attending the review classes. The notebook was very helpful."

Kevin, Houston, TX

"The Excel Tests course provided excellent preparation for me. I couldn't have passed the EIT or the PE without Excel Tests."

Todd, Madison, AL

"I wanted to say that the Excel Tests course truly made the difference for me. I spent a lot of money on other study aides, but I found that there is nothing better than the Excel Tests course. Period."

Lance, Allen, TX

"Thank you all for guiding me through this process. I used the notes provided by your course and the reference manual exclusively. Your course made the difference."

Mark, Houston, TX

"This was my first time to take it and felt that the course gave me very good insight into the exam."

Jared, Houston, TX

"I can not imagine taking the test without your review course. I have been out of school for 8 years and without your review course it would have taken me a good deal longer to get back up to speed for this exam. I enjoyed your course very much and I know it was the reason I passed the test."

Scott, Houston, TX

"I don't think I could have passed the first time with out taking your course. The class was very relevant, notes and sample problems were great; I would recommend it to anyone taking the PE."

Ron, Houston, TX

"I found out yesterday that I passed the mechanical exam (machine design depth) with an 87. I think your course was great. A lot of good information of the test itself (what to expect) and an excellent job reviewing the material."

Sean, Brownsboro, TX

"Your course helped me go over the top. There were some concepts that I was not clear on or had wrong and your course changed all of that!"

Lillian, Houston, TX

"I am very grateful for your help and your support. It was my first time I took the PE exam. Your classes were very subject oriented, and the problems were well chosen. I have only studied your material."

Mohamed, Orlando, FL

"I passed the Mechanical PE exam with a score of 80. With the quality of instruction, material content, and practical "hands-on" problem working sessions; your course was a primary factor in my exam success as well as assisting me in my career development."

Brent, Houston, TX

"I have passed the PE exam... I selected "Thermal & Fluids" for the PM session. The review course that I took helped me tremendously. I don't think I would be able to pass the exam without taking the course (I did not study at all before I took the review course!)."

Tri, San Antonio, TX

"I passed the test with an 84... I give you guys a lot of credit. I wasn't thrilled about driving to Houston every weekend from Austin, but it was worth it not to have to go through this again in October."

David, Austin, TX

"Thank you guys very much for your help. Your courses were excellent. I passed the Mechanical with the HVAC depth... I know that I could not have done it without your classes."

Sayed, Houston, TX

"I passed... I feel like the class was critical to my passing. I didn't have much time to study, so the class really filled the void and gave a clear "map" of what to study without having to "wander" (and wonder if I'm on the right track) on my own. I took HVAC depth portion of the exam. I will recommend the class to anyone I come across who is contemplating taking the exam. You guys did a great job with the class. Thank you!"

Kirk, Waco, TX

"I was so inspired by the FE course, I took the PE course. Both courses focused on passing the exams. The course materials proved to be my number one source."

Chad, Houston, TX

"Your review course and workshops were well worth the money and time I spent in preparing for the PE (Mechanical) examination. I know that I would not have passed the exam without your course. Your class really made the difference. I can't express enough to you how much your class meant to me."

- Doug, Denton, TX

"I took the PE exam in April 2016 and passed. Preparing for FE and PE exams were challenging for me since I graduated back in the 1980s. I couldn't have done this without your prep materials. [Excel Test's] videos along with others were great."

- Alex N.

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