SAT Subject Test 1-on-1 Prep Course

Why choose our 1-on-1 course?
If you are busy with extracurricular activities, a packed work schedule, or important family commitments, our Private SAT 1-on-1 Course is the right choice for you. You can choose the schedule and location of the classes to fit your needs. They can even be conducted in the comfort of your home.

Our Private SAT 1-on-1 Courses are also ideal for students who want private instruction. We will provide you with access to personalized instruction and individualized attention with the best Excel Test tutors available. Our staff will work with you to create a program that works with your scheduling and instructional needs.

Course Details:

  • 14 hours: 4 classes of 3 hours each plus 3 practice exams
  • 100% REAL SAT Subject Exams
  • Unique, highly effective strategies
  • Experienced, dynamic specialized instructors
  • Computerized Grading to analyze weaknesses

The Excel Test SAT Subject Test Private 1-on-1 courses are comparable to the full-length Excel Test SAT Subject Test classroom courses. They come with the exact same course materials and cover the same topics.

Recommended Extras
To supplement your test preparation, we recommend our Platinum Exam Club program! Members of Platinum Exam Club have unlimited access to our entire library of practice exams until the end of high school. We have SAT Subject Tests in plenty of subjects, as well as AP, SAT, and ACT practice exams.

This is a great program for students who are really looking to excel. Many of our perfect scorers cite Exam Club as an important part of their test preparation.

Highly Qualified Instructors
Each of our instructors have at least a Bachelor's degree and are passionate about teaching. They are highly experienced educators; very outgoing and skilled at creating a fun, dynamic learning environment. We use different teachers for each subject, so we can ensure that each teacher is an expert in his or her field.

Outstanding Course Materials
We base our course materials on real exams and have developed many unique strategies and tips proven to help our students succeed on test day. Each course comes with our heavily researched Excel Test Course Manual, unique to each Subject Test. With hundreds of pages filled with sample questions and detailed explanations, this incredible book forms the backbone for our course.

Register Now!
To register for our course, please download this form and fill it out as best you can. You may then:

You may also call our office at (510) 490-7000 and request a Private Course coordinator for more information. Our staff will work with you to create a program that works with your scheduling and instructional needs.

What if I only need a few hours of tutoring?
Excel Test has a team of private SAT Subject Test tutors ready to take the skills taught in the our classrooms and bring them directly to you. The private SAT Subject Test tutors use activities like targeted drilling exercises and personalized problem-solving skills to help students prepare for the exam. Contact us online or by phone at (800) 913-7737 for Private SAT Subject Test Tutoring information.

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