AP Final Review: Biology


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Excel Test Prep's AP Biology Final Review Course is the best way to prepare for you AP Exam. It is a 12-hour intensive workshop that reviews topics on the AP Biology exam and explores test-taking strategies and tips. We use practice AP Exam problem sets to get you very familiar with the level of difficulty of these exams. These exam problem sets are reviewed in class for a more targeted approach to common problems.

Excel Test wants to help you maximize your score. After taking our Final Review course, the AP Biology Exam will be a cinch!

Course Format:

  • 12 hours, 4 classes of 3 hours each
  • Focus on specific problem areas through the process of working AP-type problems
  • Instructors review Practice AP problems including multiple-choice and free-response sections
  • Experienced, dynamic, specialized instructors

Our AP Biology Final Review Course covers the following material:

  • Molecules and Cells (chemistry, cells, not including cellular respiration and photosynthesis)
  • Cellular Energetics (cellular respiration and photosynthesis)
  • Molecular Genetics (RNA/DNA structure and function, gene regulation, mutation)
  • Evolutionary Biology (early evolution of life, evidence for evolution, mechanisms of evolution)
  • Organisms and Population (diversity of organisms, structure & function of plants & animals, ecology)

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