AP Final Review: World History


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Excel Test Prep's AP World History Final Review are the best way to prepare for the your exam. It is a 12-hour intensive workshop that reviews topics on the AP World History exam and explores test-taking strategies and tips. We use practice AP Exam problem sets to get you very familiar with the level of difficulty of these exams. These exam problem sets are reviewed in class for a more targeted approach to common problems.

Excel Test wants to help you maximize your score. After taking our Final Review course, the AP World History Exam will be a cinch!

Course Format:

  • 12 hours, 4 classes of 3 hours each
  • Focus on specigic problem areas through the process of working AP-type problems
  • Instructors review Practice AP problems including multiple-choice and free-response sections
  • Experienced, dynamic, specialized instructors

The course covers the following material:

  • The Global Tapestry How states formed, expanded, and declined in areas of the world during the period c. 1200–c. 1450 and the related political, social, and cultural developments of that time.

  • Networks of Exchange How areas of the world were linked through trade c. 1200–c. 1450 and how these connections affected people, cultures, and environments.

  • Land-Based Empires An exploration of the empires that held power over large contiguous areas of land c. 1450–c. 1750.

  • Transoceanic Interconnections Advances in ocean exploration, the development of new maritime empires, and the effects of new cross-cultural encounters c. 1450–c. 1750.

  • Revolutions New political ideas and developments in technology that led to large-scale changes in governments, society, and economies c. 1750–c. 1900.

  • Consequences of Industrialization How the different states acquired and expanded control over colonies and territories c. 1750–c. 1900.

  • Global Conflict The global conflicts that dominated the period c.1900–present. 

  • Cold War and Decolonization Colonies’ pursuits of independence and the global power struggle between capitalism and communism c. 1900–present.

  • Globalization The causes and effects of the unprecedented connectivity of the modern world c. 1900–present.

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