AP Final Review: Calculus BC


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Excel Test Prep's AP Calculus BC Final Review is the best way to prepare for your AP exam. It is a 12-hour intensive workshop that reviews topics on the AP Calculus BC exam and explores test-taking strategies and tips. We use practice AP Exam problem sets to get you very familiar with the level of difficulty of these exams. These exam problem sets are reviewed in class for a more targeted approach to common problems.

Excel Test wants to help you maximize your score. After taking our Final Review course, the AP Calculus BC Exam will be a cinch!

We have two separate courses for AB and BC. Please be sure to enroll in the correct one.

Course Format:

  • 12 hours, 4 classes of 3 hours each
  • Focus on specific problem areas through the process of working AP-type problems
  • Instructors review Practice AP Exams including multiple-choice and free-response sections
  • Experienced, dynamic, specialized instructors

Our AP Calculus BC Final Review Course covers the following material:

  • Functions (asymptotes, unbounded behavior, continuity, parametric form, polar form, vector form)
  • Graphs (graphs for local and global behavior of functions
  • Limits (which includes one-sided limits, continuity and limits, calculating and estimating limits
  • Derivatives (derivative at a point, second derivative, applications of derivatives, Euler's method, L'Hopital's Rule)
  • Integrals (definite integrals, application of integrals, antidifferentiation, numerical approximation, Taylor Series)

What is the difference between AB and BC?
Both courses represent college-level mathematics, for which most colleges grant advanced placement and/or credit. Where students are placed when they get to college depends on their AP Exam score and other criteria. The content of Calculus BC is designed to place the student one course beyond Calculus AB.

Students are highly recommended to have finished 4 years of high school math before attempting either AP Calculus AB or BC, either by starting early or taking two math classes at once. 

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